I have always wondered how to render fat. Safety warning. To save the rendered bacon fat, you need some sort of a container. I drain away the rendered bacon fat, slow cook it to remove any excess water, strain it into a glass jar, and store in the refrigerator. Rendered pork fat, or the fat that comes out from cooking different cuts of pork, has long been used as a cooking fat, as shortening, or as a spread similar to butter. … Bacon grease is the fat or lard by-product of cooked or rendered bacon. Bacon Contains a Lot of Fat The fats in bacon are about 50% monounsaturated and a large part of those is oleic acid. I can put my fat in the crock pot, turn it on low, and walk away for … It should be pure fat, with all the impurity left behind, or skimmed off Bacon Up Bacon Grease Rendered Bacon Fat for Frying, Cooking, Baking, 14 ounces. Deborah Jennings says. If you render leaf fat only, you can make the highest quality lard, light-colored with a mild flavor. Bacon Up Bacon Grease Rendered Bacon Fat for Frying, Cooking, Baking, 1 Gallon 4.7 out of 5 stars 678. Bacon Up is 100% authentic bacon grease, from high-quality bacon rendered in John Gordon’s traditional smokehouse process Bacon Up is shelf stable and conveniently packaged — so it’s ready whenever you’re ready to fry, cook and bake next-level flavor into all your favorites Hot Belly Bacon Grease, Rendered Bacon Fat, is THE secret ingredient that will make your food stand out. Tallow: A general term for fat rendered from cows or sheep, best known as an ingredient for candles and soap. Though I had thrown all my bottles of cooking oil in a box, I transported my bacon … It is a hard fat with a high melting point so great for deep-frying and making pastry. Bacon grease is a very flavorful cooking fat you can use to prepare different types of dishes. Bacon fat!!! 28. You would have to fry over 4 pounds of bacon to get that much grease. Also, I use rendered bacon fat in your refried beans recipe. It's used in bakery, meat, main entrée and salad products to enhace and boost their flavor and aroma . It's a great present for people who love bacon and can't have all … I found out though, that the salt needs to be omitted unless you love really salty beans! This indicates that the USDA labs are taking a 28g slice of raw bacon with 117 Calories, cooking it, draining the fat, and the result, on average, is an 11.5g slice of pan-fried cooked bacon with 54 Calories. 1 offer from $28.14. Once it starts to cook and brown, it will also shrink up. An airtight container or a big mason jar are both excellent choices. Once again, when we talk about cooking with bacon fat, we mean the clear (or white, when cooled) rendered fat that results from cooking bacon slowly (like in the oven), not the burnt, particle-filled grease that comes from frying bacon in a skillet on the stove. Pulley kept a crock of rendered bacon fat and stirred that secret ingredient into her cornbread. It was bacon fat all along!” Like every good Southern cook, including my granny, Mrs. reply to comment. If you are one of those people who scrape out the hardened bacon fat straight into the garbage can – STOP! That means this meaty item “is overshadowed by other things that are not so healthy,” Angelone says. But why even bother storing bacon grease? Thank you so much for this. It takes longer than rendering fat on the stovetop in a cast iron skillet, but here’s why I prefer my crock pot over my skillet for lard: It’s low-maintenance. Rendering animal fat in my crock pot is my favorite method. (Oh, and if you want to maximize your rendered fat yield, and the crispiness of your bacon, start with a cold pan.) Get serious bacon flavor inside and out by cooking bacon, stuffing it in a grilled cheese sandwich, and then frying said sandwich in the rendered fat. That worked well for lamb fat. But they didn't work. The liquid fat is your rendered fat to be used in cooking, just like reserved bacon fat. The process, called rendering, creates the smooth-textured lard you can purchase in stores for making pie crusts, pastry or for frying. Use rendered bacon fat in any food application where bacon flavor is desirable. Pastured lard is a remarkably good source of vitamin D and of monounsaturated fat – the same fatty acid found in olive oil and avocado that is heralded for its benefits to cardiovascular health. The cracklings can be used in recipes for cornbread and egg salad, or to top soup, salad, and casseroles. I know how to make the lye from hard wood ashes. The reward of a beautiful, creamy white jar full of freshly rendered, pastured lard is worth the minimal effort. Keep the process going until you’ve cooked all of your bacon and rendered out the fat. You are wasting that fabulous pork flavour! But if you want to save it for a later project, you’ll have to remove the solids. Go ahead and add a couple of more slices. There are even special grease containers with filters you can find on Amazon. I tried these methods with some bacon fat, that I had cut off from the meat of back bacon strips. So it was just 16 white strips of cold fat. Recipe here . For centuries people all over the world have been saving it on their counters, in their coffee mugs, metal cans and even frying pans. Once rendered it produces a lard that’s white in color with a milder odor and flavor, making it ideal for use in pie crusts and pastries. Each container is 11 ounces. Do not leave unattended when heating. https://lansingwbu.blogspot.com/2011/11/will-wild-birds-eat-bacon-grease.html Store cracklings in the fridge, or if not using within a day or two, freeze. Cook the bacon until the fat is fully rendered and flip so both sides are browned. Remove the slices that have cooked, adding more bacon as you go. Leaf Fat: This is the fat from around the pig’s kidney’s and, like beef leaf fat, is the “cleanest” fat on the pig. The grease was never refrigerated. More importantly, I feel like the bacon fat is less potent than the lard. Well this is dating me but my dad always cooked the eggs for breakfast in the leftover bacon fat ,,,really good flavour. Cooking in Hot Grease Can be Dangerous: Grease will burn if overheated. And there was a lot of leftover fat … How to Store Bacon Fat . My bacon-fat popcorn tear began because it was the only cooking fat I could find after my recent move. Pork, cooked, rendered fat, bacon contains 32 g of saturated fat and 97 mg of cholesterol per serving. Not a lot, bacon is basically brined and smoked pork (the process/recipe depends on where you live) Fat does not actually change in flavour as much as the flesh does when smoked "Rendered fat" is just the fat that has run off when heating meat. 100 g of Pork, cooked, rendered fat, bacon contains 37.00 IU vitamin A, 0.0 mg of vitamin C and mcg of vitamin D as well as 0.13 mg of iron, 1.00 mg of calcium and 15 mg of potassium. HOT BELLY BACON GREASE 1-11ounce by HOT BELLY used on the KETO AND PALEO diet free pdf cookbook with each order (1 pack) 4.5 out of 5 stars 81. It’s also the healthiest. Suet: This fat surrounds an animal’s kidneys and is rarely found any more. Either soak it up with paper towels and discard or pour the Nutrition Facts for Rendered Bacon Fat - Get a bar chart of the top 10 nutrients, and click to see an expanded list of over 151 nutrients, including amino acids. To me, this makes home-rendered lard much more efficient and flexible. You can turn pork fat into lard by simmering it slowly to melt it and free it from the tissues that restrain it. It’s also the healthiest. Use it like butter for all of your favorite recipes. Y’know, when I was a kid growing up on a farm, there was an ever-present container of bacon fat sitting next to the stove. January 30, 2013 at 3:11 pm. Generally, any container that you can easily seal and scoop the fat from will do. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but I feel like I have to use more of it to get the same effect as home rendered lard. The amount of saturated fat in bacon, though, is huge compared with other sources. And I tried a 'dry render' by putting the fat in the oven at a lowish temperature (gas mark 3 = 160C), which worked well for chicken skin. Collecting the fat after frying up some bacon or roasting some beef was a practical and economical way to run a household. Ingredients Rendered Bacon Fat (Bacon Cured with Water; May Contain Salt, Sea Salt, Potassium Chloride, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Smoke Flavor, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Phosphates, Sodium Ascorbate, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrite), BHA. Grate it into your mincemeat and dumpling mixes. It is one of the most fundamental oils used in Southern cooking and has plenty of other uses.

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